7 Tips to Register A Great Domain Name

Author: Kyle Oxenham

Getting a new domain is a vital step to your online success that should not be taken lightly just because it is easy to do. So grab a coffee, tea, or drink of choice and sit down and take some notes to prepare yourself to get a that name of your dreams.

When buying a URL, it is important to have a plan of action before you purchase and commit to a specific one. Below I have added some tips to try and help you to register a name that will be a successful choice for you.

1. Pick a recognized extension, dot-com is best, if you have a business name or brand name that you own, you should consider getting every extension available.

2. Use a repeatable registration service. You should investigate the domain registration, does it have fair pricing, and can you get all the extensions need.

3. Look to see that it has 24/7 customer service both with phone, email, and ticket system.

4. A key to search engine placement to get traffic to your site, based on keyword research put your sites main keywords in your name, there is debate about whether to have dashes to separate keywords in your URL or not, dashes may help a bit with search engines, but creating a brand name will be easier for users to remember or search for.

5. Create a short, easy to read, and remember name. This way people will be able to tell their friends or when revisiting your site they will know you name off by heart.

6. Do not register a trademark name, this could land you into some trouble, and you may end up in court, unless you like that sort of thing.

7. Obviously, maybe not to some, but keep your URL relevant to your business or site topic.

So there you have it 7 good tips to help you to register a domain of your choose and have successful important step to your online success completed. You are on the right track to having a powerful domain that helps your business or website.

Just to break it down, get a recognized domain name extension, use a good registration service, make sure the register has excellent 24/7 service, make your domain name short, a brand and easy to remember, do not go after trademark names, and keep you name relevant to your site topic. So take these tips are go register yourself a great domain, you will be just fine, good luck.

Register Your Domain

DCFirst Comments: Always buy your own domain name! NEVER let a website design company buy your domain name for you. If you have a problem with the design company or if they go out of business. It is the design company that owns the domain, and they have no obligation to turn it over to you. Spend the $20.00 a year to own your domain, go throught www.Dotster.com or www.GoDaddy.com to register a domain name.

Dotster has a unique tool that will give you options on a domain name if the one you want is taken. When you are searching for the right domain name for your clinic, be aware there are overseaes companies with programs that keep track of your domain searches. They will purchase the domain if you do not buy it right away. So buy that domain name ASAP.

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