Chiropractic Marketing

By Scott Larsen

Marketing your chiropractic business online can take on many faces. Gaining new patients from the web can be an extremely effective way to grow your business, but how do you do it? Here are three specific things you can do to market your practice on the internet.

Website - There are too many things to list in this article about how to market your chiropractic business so let´s focus on the basics. Build a websites that is as easy to navigate as possible. To do this you should include multiple links on each page that allows your visitors to find your important information. Make sure your website has unique information about you specifically. Inform people about your practice specifically, not just chiropractic care in general. Let them know what makes you the right choice. Here are a few ideas for your content. What will they expect from their first visit? How do they go about setting up an appointment? Do they need a MD´s referral? Will the need insurance? Provide as many contact points as possible; phone, address, and email. You never know the preferred method of contact by a new patient. Once you have your site you need to send people to it. Try informing your patients to have their friends and family visit the site for more information. Don´t forget to keep track of the visitors that come to your site. If you don´t have this ability to track people you will never know if your website is effectively working for you. There are many free tracking tools online. or are very good at giving you this information at no cost. Then learn how to get your site ranked in the major search engines. You can do this yourself or hire a firm that will get your site ranked for you. Unless you market your site you will probably never really get a good rank in the engines.

Online Community Forums - There are many places on the web that allow you to socialize with other people interested in chiropractic care. You can try to become involved in a community forum. There are forums all over the net that are geared towards chiropractic, health, your local area, etc. By getting involved in these communities you can help create awareness for yourself. Try looking for a forum that is dedicated to your local community. Don´t go in with your guns blazing and spam the community telling them to come to your office, but simply add a link to you website in the signature of the posts you leave and people will take notice. If your comments are helpful and honest people will become interested in your chiropractic services click on your link and potentially come to you for chiropractic care.

Videos - Make a video of your office. Think of this as a virtual tour for prospective patients. Take people through the office, introduce them to staff, show them the treatment rooms, etc. Make the video as friendly and inviting as possible. Try to answer common questions and concerns you have seen in the past with people new to chiropractic. When the video is done get it online! There are many social video networks that you can upload your video directly into and host it on the web for free. Google Video, YouTube, and MetaCafe are just a few places to host your video for free on the web. Once the video is online, take the embedded video code and paste is somewhere on your website. This will allow visitors to your site learn more about you via video sharing technology. This will also give web surfers a chance to find you without ever coming to your website. They may be in the video sharing network and find you video tour. This is a fun, free way to promote your office. You may also want to film any special events that happen with your practice. Let´s say you do a free blood pressure test for your local retirement community. Film the experience and post it online. Video marketing will become very big in the near future, it´s already a great way to promote yourself.

There are so many places to find people on the internet that could become a patient. The trick is to find them and give them more information. Providing as much free information as possible really pays off. These are only some of the ways to promote your business online. Chiropractic marketing has many faces.

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