How To Quickly and Easily Build the Perfect Chiropractic Practice

By Kevin Doherty

You became a chiropractor because you have a passion for helping people. If you were like me when I was starting my acupuncture practice, you hoped that this passion would effortlessly magnetize a plethora of perfect patients to you. But then the reality of being a business owner started to sink in. You began to realize that your love for what you do had to be coupled with the right business skills to make your practice a viable business entity.

In my experience, chiropractors tend to be much better at marketing their practices than other healthcare professionals. Many of them seem to have an instinct for getting and staying busy and making a lot of money in the process. But there are still many chiropractors out there who are struggling to make it. They can sense the potential for success, but they just can't seem to actualize it. They make less money and see fewer patients than they would like, all the while banging their head against the wall as to why things aren't working out the way they'd like.

Over the past several years, I have gained a lot of knowledge on how to build a successful practice, both from doing it personally and from coaching a number of healthcare professionals. I have realized that there are two essential ingredients to practice success for all businesses. There needs to be a healthy balance between these two ingredients at all times; if one is lacking, then the business is sure to suffer. Eight out of ten small businesses fail within five years of start up because one of these ingredients is deficient or altogether missing. I encourage you to make a commitment to mastering both of these essential components to practice growth. By doing so, you should grow a booming practice quickly and easily. You will also attract the right patients, develop a strong word of mouth campaign, and really enjoy what you do.

You could look at these ingredients as the inner and outer forms of marketing. The first essential step is to be completely conscious of the beliefs you have around building your practice. If you have studied the law of attraction, you realize that you get back what you put out. What you focus on expands. So, one of the best ways to grow your practice is to steep yourself in the imagination of your dream practice, really feel it, as if it is here now. Keep your focus on this ideal. Feel all of the qualities of your perfect practice. Allow yourself to believe that this level of success is within you already, for it truly is. Your job is to activate it by focusing on it all the time. If you focus on what you don't want (not being busy enough, having to find another job, regret, anxiety, doubt, etc.) your environment will give you recurring evidence to suggest that your beliefs around scarcity are true. You will have a hard time and always wonder why it is such a struggle. So, step number one is to free yourself of any beliefs that promote scarcity or limitation or 'building a practice is a long hard process.' Focus on what you want and feel it in your being as if it is here with you already. Come from this place when you promote yourself. Your business card, brochure, website, etc. should have this kind of power emanating from them.

Now, if you really do this, you will find that practice building is easy. Patients will find you. Synchronicity will take effect and you will be amazed by how effortless it is. Chiropractors really can build a great practice simply by focusing on what they want instead of what they don't want. The next step is to take effective action. This means getting some marketing systems in place that will draw an excess of the right patients to your practice. What I have found is that there are several creative ways to market your practice that are either free or quite inexpensive. I encourage you to get creative with your marketing to see how many cost effective strategies you can implement. If you need specific ideas, you can refer to my ebook below. If you market your practice in the right way and couple it with a prosperity mindset, you are bound for success.

Kevin Doherty, L.Ac., MS is a licensed acupuncturist and a business coach for alternative healthcare providers. Over the past few years, Kevin has built a highly successful practice in an area said to be saturated with acupuncturists. To learn about the step-by-step details to his success, go to

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